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What is the Difference Between Hulu And Hulu Plus?
about 1 year ago

Primarily known as Hulu, Hulu.com is a free TV show, movies, and Web series streaming website that has an application version known as Hulu Plus. Although Hulu Plus is not free just like Hulu.com. Hulu Plus users need to pay around $7.99 on the monthly basis to access its services.


Now you would be thinking about the need to go for a paid Hulu iteration, especially when Hulu.com is available for free. Well, there is a vast difference between both the Hulu iterations. Read on to know the difference between Hulu.com and the Hulu app/ Hulu Plus.


How is Hulu Plus Different from Hulu.com?

Here is the list of some main unique features of Hulu plus that make it different from Hulu.com.


1. Hulu Plus has a huge library of content

Hulu.com users can watch TV shows or other episodes for free, however, allowing only up to five past episodes. Whereas, Hulu Plus users get an additional feature to access all the past episodes in HD quality and without any interruption.


2. Hulu Plus supports mobile application

If you wish to watch anything for free using Hulu.com, you will have to access the Hulu Live TV login because it does not have any mobile application version. While Hulu Plus is a mobile application, making all the accesses straightforward and soothing.


3. Feature-rich interface

A comprehensive library of criterion collection is available on Hulu Plus, which cannot be watched on Hulu.com for free. Access the Hulu Plus app for Hulu Plus login or Hulu Plus sign up and watch whatever you wish without any restriction.


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