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What is AKA MS Account Settings & How to Change It?
almost 2 years ago

Having a Microsoft account comes with many features like using and playing console games. Not only the account holders but children too enjoy playing games provided by Microsoft like Minecraft. You may not want to expose your kids to the adult world of the game, so for that Microsoft has given the feature to change the settings AKA.MS.


Now, you may wonder how do you fix AKA account settings? So do not worry, we will tell you the whole procedure with which you can alter the settings.


How to Set the AKA MS Account Settings for Xbox Console?

An Xbox comes when you choose to play games with your Microsoft account. To change the settings for your account, you should know where the setting on the MS account is. Follow the complete process given by us and then do the same.

  1. To start the process, go to the official website of Xbox at https://xbox.com/.
  2. Open the online settings panel on the website.
  3. Now, you need to carefully set the account settings of your Microsoft account keeping in mind your kid.
  4. If you are now thinking about how do I change my Microsoft settings, sign in to your Microsoft account.
  5. Once you have opened your account, choose the account you need to change the settings for. 
  6. You also need to change the account on the Xbox online safety.
  7. Also, review and check all the settings you have done to see if they are correct.

We are now sure that you know what AKA MS account settings are and how you can change them.



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