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How Can You Get A Free Edu Email Address?
about 1 year ago

EDU email address is similar to any other email address. EDU is an educational email address provided to users. It can be used by anyone just like you use other email services, for example, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. To use the Education email address you have to put .edu after the ID, this is the way it is used. If I had to give you an example of the Edu email address, it would go like “yourinfo@university_name.edu.”


Essentially it is extremely similar to other email addresses, however, one big difference is that once you name the email address in .edu, you cannot change it afterward. The main purpose of providing this email address to students is that the universities that provide activities, assignments, submissions can be made easy for them, they could keep track of their students. Basically, you can get a free .edu email so communication can become easy. 


How to Get A Free Edu Email Address?

Follow these steps to get free edu email, we will discuss one method that has proven to be excellent in terms of getting a .edu email address.


  • Go to a college website link and tap on the “Enroll as a New Student” option.
  • Thereafter move to the “Step one Apply” and perhaps click on “CCCApply”. These college websites use CCCApply Portal to provide free edu mail. You must make a CCCApply account. edu email.
  • Once you apply to CCCApply you will be provided by a .edu email. By any chance, if you face a problem in logging in first, try resetting your password.
  • Now, sign in to the .edu email and enjoy all the benefits of the .edu email address.


We have provided you with a method of how to get an email address. We hope this solves your "how to get a free edu email address" problem.


For more read - https://thetechwide.hpage.com/what-free-stuff-can-you-get-with-an-edu-email-address.html

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